From small-group safaris to the splendors of ancient Egypt and the exotic charms of Morocco, Africa offers myriad choices for the adventurous traveler. On all of our Africa expeditions you will travel in the company of the some of continent’s best guides; their passion, knowledge, and keen eyes will enhance your understanding and appreciation of Africa’s wildlife, history, and culture. 

Here are the destinations we visit:

Antarctica Cruises

High atop any adventure-seeking traveler’s bucket list is Antarctica for its plethora of once-in-a-lifetime adventure travel experiences: cruising among sparkling icebergs with a brilliant blue sky backdrop, meeting an elephant seal pup face to face, visiting a scientific research station at the bottom of the world, photographing thousands upon thousands of penguins. 

A leader in Antarctic cruise travel for the intrepid world traveler, Zegrahm Expeditions sets sail in the spirit of Sir Ernest Shackleton, combining the region’s rich history and discovery of some of Mother Nature’s most impressive and rugged landscapes. Every day of your Antarctica tour is personalized with daily recaps, lectures and guided excursions. Cruise through the supremely-scenic Lemaire Channel to photograph orca and humpback whales; explore by Zodiac to discover dramatic shorelines and glittering icebergs; and step ashore on remote beaches to witness colonies of chinstrap, gentoo, and Adelie penguins. This is truly an Antarctic cruise experience that will expand your world.

A hallmark of Zeghram’s Antarctica expeditions is the ability to land by Zodiac wherever nature and curiosity dictate. We travel during the austral summer, making for longer daylight hours and therefore, more landings per day on remote shores. In fact, since we travel south via a small expedition ship, we enable our travelers to actually set foot on the Antarctic Peninsula, a feat the larger cruise ships simply can’t accomplish. Plus, our veteran leaders and renowned lecturers will provide incredible insight into the region, its wildlife, and its history.


Here are the destinations we visit:

Asia Travel & Tours

Asia and India offer travelers an untold number of natural and cultural experiences—and our expeditions take you to some of the least-visited and newest emerging destinations in the world. Whether by small ship, riverboat, train, or overland, you’ll be steeped in the lore of each location, and introduced to its most marvelous secrets.

In addition to signature itineraries such as Snow Monkeys & Cranes of Japan and Natural Wonders of Sri Lanka—we also offer expeditions that venture far off the beaten path. From observing life along the Mekong River by riverboat or searching for Tigers in celebrated national parks, you’ll be privy to adventures that few Westerners have ever experienced.

Here are the destinations we visit:

Australia & the South Pacific

Scattered across the largest ocean basin on earth, the islands of the South Pacific have wooed adventurers and explorers for centuries. And it’s no wonder why—these remote paradises offer unparalleled beauty; a bounty of exotic flora, birds, and wildlife; some of the world’s most pristine marine environments; and communities where time-honored traditions remain unchanged. From exploring the island gems of Polynesia or encountering saltwater crocodiles in Australia’s Kimberley to exploring the underwater wonders of the Great Barrier Reef or greeting the smiling faces of Melanesia’s many island communities, Zegrahm's adventures to this region of the world always receive rave reviews.

Here are the destinations we visit:

Central & South America

With a wide variety of climates and biomes, Central and South America are fascinating destinations for expedition travel. For this reason, those with a thirst for outdoor pursuits, knowledge of new cultures, and up-close encounters with interesting wildlife will relish our small-ship cruises and overland adventures.

Here are the destinations we visit:


We invite you to take a fresh look at Europe and embark on one of our incredible journeys that will turn your view of the Continent from well-trodden to welloff- the-beaten-path. We realize you may have visited Europe a number of times, but have you discovered remote islands of Wild & Ancient Britain or savored the slow food of Sicily? Why not circle the entire Black Sea, visiting six amazing countries along the way, or soak up the stunning scenery and fascinating history of the sun-drenched Dalmatian Coast?

Here are the destinations we visit:

Far North & the Arctic

Exploring the Arctic is, in many ways, unimaginable. To travel to what ancient geographers termed ultima Thule (“farthest land”)—and in luxury, no less—is a feat seemingly reserved for the hardiest adventurers among us. And yet, Zegrahm’s Arctic expeditions afford rare opportunities to view Arctic wildlife, seabirds, whales, and polar bears; to meet indigenous peoples who sustain a living at the ends of the Earth; and to explore lands that very few have gone before—it’s the top of the world, waiting for you.

Here are the destinations we visit: