Cocora Valley, Colombia


Colombia is a wonderland of white-sand beaches, towering palms, vibrant cities, pre-Hispanic culture, amazing birds and wildlife, and pristine coral reefs—in short, adventure-minded guests traveling to Colombia will find all they seek. Zegrahm Expeditions’ Colombia tours aim to present this stunning country in all its glory, taking you whale watching at Bahia Solano, into the Cocora Valley to see the world’s tallest palm, on hikes around Lake Guatavita, said to be the origin of the El Dorado legend, and to a coffee plantation to learn about the production of that world-famous Colombian coffee. And, no Colombia tour would be complete without a stop in charming Cartagena for its vibrant nightlife, colonial architecture, and world-class cuisine. We’ll also snorkel among pristine coral reefs and view artifacts at Bogota’s exquisite Gold Museum as we follow Zegrahm cofounder Jack Grove into the treasures of Colombia.

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