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The charm of Cyprus becomes readily apparent as you make your way around this Mediterranean isle that sits at the junction of three continents. With its ancient and mythological sites—including the birthplace of Aphrodite—it’s as magical as it is historic. Several UNESCO World Heritage Sites are must-sees, including prehistoric palaces, centuries-old castles and churches, and some of the most well-preserved mosaics and frescos in the world. Cities here date back to the Bronze Age; Byzantine museums are brimming with Cypriot artifacts; and churches are adorned with 18th-century paintings of Biblical scenes. Seaside lunches and awe-inspiring ocean views round out an impressive lineup of sightseeing that calls to mind every Greek myth you’ve ever heard.

Upcoming Cyprus Expeditions

  • Luxor

    Crossroads of Empires: Cyprus, Israel, Egypt & Jordan

    October 22November 4, 2021

    The art, architecture, and archaeological wonders of the eastern Mediterranean are legacies of the world’s most celebrated empires. Over the millennia, a succession of cultures traded, conquered, and settled in these fabled lands, and we follow in their wake, piecing together the pages of the defining chapters of ancient civilization.

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