Easter Island

Easter Island

Curious travelers the world over long to discover the secrets of an Easter Island tour, delving into the history and intrigue of this remote isle’s giant volcanic stone statues, or moai. Aboard the all-suite, 100-guest Caledonian Sky, Zegrahm Expeditions guests cruise to Easter Island in style, taking in the striking sea vistas and coming ashore on the mysterious island. Our Easter Island tour includes the ceremonial center of Ahu Vinapu—where the monolithic stonework is reminiscent of Peru’s Inca civilization—and Ahu Tongariki, the largest ceremonial site in Polynesia. Before the culmination of our cruise to Easter Island, we’ll have the opportunity to drive to Rano Kau volcano to view its giant caldera, and the ceremonial village of Orongo, dedicated to the intriguing “birdman” cult.

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