On a ship reserved only for Galapágos exploration, Zegrahm Expedition takes you on the perfect introductory Galápagos tour, immersing you in Las Islas Encantadas and its unfettered wildlife and untrammeled landscapes. Aboard the Isabella II, with just 39 like-minded guests, your Galápagos cruise will find you face to face with an incredible array of wildlife, from giant Galápagos tortoises to marine iguanas and Darwin’s finches; snorkeling and swimming with playful sea lions and graceful rays; and learning about the fascinating geology of the islands, from lunar-like lava fields to eroded volcanic cones. Meet penguins on Isabela Island and commune with pink flamingos in a lagoon on Santiago Island. Our Galápagos tour offers the amazing insights of Zegrahm cofounder Jack Grove and Greg Estes, both regional experts and savvy adventure travelers.

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