The Northern Lights


A Norway tour is a fast track to incredible adventure, a natural choice for those who seek dramatic and rugged scenery, abundant wildlife, and charming local life. Zegrahm Expeditions’ Norway tours and Norway cruises encompass the country’s breathtaking beauty, from Norway's Lapland region—home to the spirited Sami people—to the Geiranger Fjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to the fjords and offshore islands of Spitsbergen and the Svalbard Archipelago, where a remarkable array of wildlife can be seen in the short summer months, from the elusive polar bear to minke whales and massive walruses. During our Norway tour, we’ll visit Reine, one of the country’s most scenic spots thanks to its craggy surrounding mountain peaks; Rune, with just 160 human residents, yet more than half a million seabirds; and, of cours, the 12-mile-long Geiranger Fjord, including an onshore visit to Flydalsjuvet Gorge for unforgettable vistas.

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