Sub-Antarctic Islands of New Zealand

Sub-Antarctic Islands

On a Sub-Antarctic Islands cruise, you’ll see some of the most rare and intriguing plant and animal species on the planet. Wildlife viewing along the coasts and islands is, simply, exceptional; nature-lovers, birders, and photographers alike will be thrilled. Observe fur seals sunning themselves on rocks, dusky dolphins leaping from the water to perform energetic acrobatics, and perhaps catch a glimpse of the rare Hector’s dolphin. Not to mention the variety of bird species—from yellow-eyed, Fiordland crested, Snares crested, and eastern rockhopper penguins to light-mantled, sooty, and southern royal albatross, the Sub-Antarctic Islands are truly nature’s paradise.

Past Sub-Antarctic Islands Expeditions

  • Enderby, Auckland Islands

    Sub-Antarctic Islands of New Zealand

    January 17February 3, 2017

    One of the few operators allowed to travel the far-flung isles of the Tasman Sea, join us on a journey through the Sub-Antarctic Islands of New Zealand, as well as Macquarie Island.

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