Wildebeest, Tanzania


Imagine the vast landscape of Tanzania spread out before you from your open-front cottage on the Rufiji River, elephants and zebras meandering down for a refreshing sip. On our Tanzania safaris, Zegrahm Expeditions is devoted to total immersion in the home of the largest concentrations of wildlife on Earth, with expert guides, comfortable tented camp accommodations and maximum game viewing. Your Tanzania safari encompasses four national parks—Selous, Ruaha, Katavi and Mahale—and while it’s the lions, elephants, wild dogs, zebras, chimps and giraffes that sometimes get all the glory, this Tanzania safari tour is an incredible opportunity to spot more than 1,000 bird species, from African fish eagles to Tanzanian red-billed hornbills. Insightful and well off the beaten path, your Tanzania safari with Zegrahm will be authentic, private and life-changing.

Upcoming Tanzania Expeditions

  • Tanzanian Sunset

    Remote Tanzania

    August 9August 25, 2017

    With one of the Earth’s largest concentrations of wildlife, from lions and elephants to thousands of birds, Tanzania is sublime—roam the country’s lesser-known parks in the company of renowned wildlife photographer Lex Hes. 

  • What Exactly IS the Great Migration?

    Gorillas & the Great Migration: Rwanda & Tanzania

    August 24September 8, 2017

    From Tanzania’s vast Serengeti to Rwanda’s lush, mountain forests, experience the great migration in all its glory, trekking in Virunga National Park and hiking in Nyungwe National Park, with accommodations in East Africa’s finest safari lodges and tented camps.  

  • Kenya & Tanzania Under Canvas

    Kenya & Tanzania Under Canvas

    June 18July 1, 2018

    This brand-new adventure is designed to give you a classic, yet intimate safari experience, with stays at luxurious tented camps situated in remote wilderness areas. Throughout the expedition, search for black rhinos, chimpanzees, cheetahs, and more, and even witness the Great Migration.

  • Remote Tanzania

    Remote Tanzania

    August 8August 24, 2018

    With one of the Earth’s largest concentrations of wildlife, from lions and elephants to thousands of birds, Tanzania is sublime—roam the country’s lesser-known parks in the company of renowned wildlife photographer Lex Hes. 

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    What Exactly IS the Great Migration?

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