Encore Explorations

Encore Explorations

Celebrating a Lifetime of Adventure

Together for over 30 years we have been true explorers, ground breakers, and pioneers of modern expedition travel. We’ve packed our final Encore Explorations 2021 line-up with our family of expert explorers, naturalists, archaeologists, anthropologists, marine biologists, historians and ornithologists who provide profound and essential understandings of all 7 continents and seas, many of whom have contributed to our expeditions for decades, some of whom founded our company. Together these talented women and men bring our travelers 1000 + years of expertise in the field.

From famous firsts such as full circumnavigations of South Georgia, Iceland and Baffin Island to celebrating the millennium at the end of the world or being the first expedition company to journey to the Titanic and to dabble in space training.

However, we have decided that we will run our last ever Zegrahm Expedition in February 2022. Unfortunately, in such a crowded marketplace, it's no longer viable to offer our unique, unrepeatable, premium, and handcrafted expeditions. Rather than compromise our principles, we have decided to run one more incredible year, to celebrate the life and times of Zegrahm Expeditions.

Join our bold fellowship of likeminded explorers in one final glorious year of travel – in true Zegrahm style – with world-class properties and ships, delicious cuisine, authentic encounters and unmatched camaraderie. Together we will make more memories of a lifetime and celebrate our everlasting curiosity, genuine spirit for discovery and passion for life.

Fair winds and following seas. We look forward to travelling together soon in 2021 and 2022.

  • Dubrovnik

    Along the Dalmatian Coast: Croatia & Slovenia

    September 3September 14, 2021

    Explore the stunning coastlines of Croatia and Slovenia with Travel Director Amber Medkiff. Discover the narrow lanes of the medieval-walled city of Dubrovnik, stroll along the crystal-clear lakes of Plitvice National Park, and enjoy a train ride through the stunning caverns of Postojna.

  • Wildebeest in Zambia

    Zambia's Great Migrations

    November 5November 19, 2021

    Join this brand-new itinerary, designed and led by renowned wildlife photographer and guide, Lex Hes, to witness some of the largest animal migrations in the world.

  • Best African Safaris

    Remote Tanzania

    November 6November 19, 2021

    With one of the Earth’s largest concentrations of wildlife, from lions and elephants to hundreds of speices of birds, Tanzania is sublime—roam the country’s lesser-known parks in the company of Zegrahm naturalist and ornithologist, Mark Brazil.

  • Bengal Tiger

    India Safari

    November 7November 21, 2021

    Led by Naturalist Rich Pagen, enjoy in-depth explorations of three celebrated national parks—traversing the forested ridges, thick bamboo, and shallow rivers; search for Bengal tiger, wild boar, chital deer, and sambar; and keep an eye out for the varied birdlife.

  • Solar Eclipse

    Total Solar Eclipse: Antarctica & South Georgia

    November 25December 13, 2021

    Get ready for the wonder of a Total Solar Eclipse at the bottom of the world with Marine Biologist Dan Olsen!

  • Snow Monkeys & Cranes of Japan

    Snow Monkeys & Cranes of Japan

    January 17February 4, 2022

    Marvel at the sight of nearly 12,000 hooded and white-naped cranes, as they flock to Japan’s exquisite wintertime landscape, Arasaki, Kyushu—later, a boat trip to the tip of the Shiretoko Peninsula puts us up close and personal with Steller’s sea eagles.