Along the Mekong: China, Thailand & Laos

Mekong River
October 23, 2020
18 Days
Small-Ship Cruise
24 Guests
From $10,980

Expedition Highlights

  • Cruise the Upper Mekong River aboard the luxurious 24-guest Sabei Pandaw.
  • Discover the Buddha-crammed Pak Ou Caves, an important religious site for the Laotian people set in spectacular limestone cliff faces.
  • Enjoy timeless river scenes as you drift past dense jungles, steep-sided gorges, emerald rice paddies, and tiny, traditional villages.
  • Spend two days exploring beautiful Luang Prabang, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Step ashore in remote, rural villages to meet with locals and learn about their culture and daily life along the river.

Expedition Team

Sabei Pandaw

The Sabei Pandaw  is currently in the process of being built, and will be completed in 2018. Staterooms are quaint and feature large French windows and individual air conditioning controls. Public spaces include a small library, covered observation deck, restaurant and bar.

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