Amazon & Peruvian Highlands

April 17, 2015
15 Days
Small-Ship Cruise
28 Guests
From $6,980
Amazon & Peruvian Highlands

Expedition Highlights

  • Cruise up the Río Ucayali, one of the best places in the world to find gray river dolphins and Amazon pink dolphins.
  • Search for over 500 species of birds, such as canary-winged parakeets, blue-and-gold and scarlet macaws, and hoatzin; as well as more than 100 mammal species, such as capybaras, squirrel and red howler monkeys, and marmosets, on this Amazon expedition.
  • Board local boats for a scenic cruise to Lake Titicaca’s floating island of Uros and the traditional island of Taquile, well-known for producing exquisite textiles.
  • Enjoy a bird’s-eye-view of Colca Canyon, one of the world’s deepest canyons, where Andean condors are commonly sighted gliding effortlessly above the dramatic landscape, a must-see for Peruvian Highlands adventure travelers.
  • Conclude your Amazon and Peruvian Highlands expedition with a tour of Lima’s highlights—Plaza de Armas, the core of the old city; the church where Francisco Pizarro is entombed; and a meticulously-maintained 16th-century mansion.

Expedition Team

  • Kevin Clement
    Expedition Staff

    Kevin Clement

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