Australia's Kimberley: A Voyage to the Outback

Australia's Kimberley
April 22, 2016
15 Days
Small-Ship Cruise
65 Guests
From $13,580
Australia's Kimberley: Voyage through the Outback

Expedition Highlights

  • Fly via helicopter to explore the dramatic gorges of Mitchell Plateau and swim in the crystal-clear pools above photogenic Mitchell Falls.
  • Discover Australia's unique wildliferock wallabies, turtles, and mighty saltwater crocodiles.
  • Step ashore on the Tiwi Islands for a guided hike that reveals the cultural traditions of the Tiwi people, and view well-preserved Aboriginal paintings at Raft Point and Bigge Island.
  • View the amazing spectacle of the Horizontal Falls, create by massive tidal currents.

I love the remoteness of the Kimberley, particularly as we sail its magnificent coastline. There is simply no other way to see this part of an ancient landscape, and most Australians would give their eye teeth to see it! I never tire of being in the Kimberley. 

Shirley Campbell

Expedition Team

  • Jeff Gneiser

    Jeff Gneiser

  • Julie Christensen Fielding
    Expedition Staff

    Julie Christensen Fielding

  • Shirley Campbell
    Expedition Leader / Social Anthropologist

    Shirley Campbell

  • Brad Climpson
    Expedition Leader

    Brad Climpson

  • Chris Done

    Chris Done

  • Terry Done
    Marine Biologist

    Terry Done

  • Brent Stephenson
    Expedition Leader / Ornithologist

    Brent Stephenson

Additional Exploration

Bungle Bungle, Australia's Kimberley
Pre-Trip Extension:
Arnhem Land, Kununurra & Bungle Bungle
April 16April 25, 2016
From $7,480

Australia’s last frontier is a wild land of remote, spectacular scenery spread over huge distances, with a severe climate, a sparse population, and minimal infrastructure. Traveling here is a true adventure as you view towering escarpments, undulating woodlands, spectacular waterways, mangrove-covered tidal flats, and forests rich in flora and fauna. Visit important Aboriginal sites and sleepy outposts to learn about life in this unforgiving, yet ultimately beautiful land.

Trip Preparation: Gear Up!

  • Mosquito Head Net
Mosquito Head Net

Keep the bugs at bay with this handy mosquito heat net, which fits comfortably over most headwear. Your views of the Kimberley’s Mitchell Falls and incredible birdlife are kept unhindered thanks to a fine mesh outer layer that keeps out mosquitoes and other small insects. No more swatting those pesky critters away from your face and eyes!

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