The Azores & Canary Islands

April 28, 2015
17 Days
Small-Ship Cruise
110 Guests
From $9,980
Azores & Canary Islands

Expedition Highlights

  • Step ashore on six of the nine lush, volcanic Azores islands—Sao Miguel, Graciosa, Pico, Faial, Terceira, and Santa Maria.
  • Hike through the bizarre volcanic landscape of Roques de Garcia on Tenerife, home to Spain’s largest peak, El Tiede, a must-do for Canary Island adventure travelers.
  • Enjoy wine tasting in Madeira, and learn about the viniculture techniques that have produced the namesake local vintages for centuries.
  • Search for rare and endemic birds, including the Cory’s shearwater, Bulwer’s petrel, houbara bastard, laurel and Bolle’s pigeons, plain swift, and blue chaffinch.
  • Spend a full day exploring splendid Seville, the capital of Andalusia.
  • Enhance your Azores expedition with an optional excursion to Marrakech, famous for its intact medieval architecture and bustling souks packed with vendors touting everything from fresh produce to high-quality leather goods.

I love cruising and I love islands—this expedition offered diversity, beauty, history, and incredible opportunities for photography! 

Charlotte C.

Expedition Team

  • Mike Messick
    Cofounder / Expedition Leader

    Mike Messick

  • Lisa Wurzrainer
    Cruise Director

    Lisa Wurzrainer

  • Jack Grove
    Cofounder / Marine Biologist

    Jack Grove

  • Peter Harrison
    Expedition Staff

    Peter Harrison

  • Shirley Metz
    Expedition Staff

    Shirley Metz

  • Mark Brazil
    Expedition Leader

    Mark Brazil

  • Ralph Eshelman
    Expedition Staff

    Ralph Eshelman

  • Mike Moore
    Expedition Leader

    Michael Moore

  • Rich Pagen
    Marine Biologist / Naturalist

    Rich Pagen

  • Rick Price
    Expedition Staff

    Rick Price

  • Ron Wixman
    Cultural Geographer

    Ron Wixman

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