Best of the Baltic

St. Petersburg, Russia
July 4, 2019
15 Days
Small-Ship Cruise
95 Guests
From $13,480
Gdansk, Poland

Expedition Highlights

  • Tour the historic districts of Tallinn, Riga, and Gdansk, which feature a treasure-trove of architectural styles.
  • Spend two days in St. Petersburg—the Venice of the North—and enjoy a guided tour of the Hermitage Museum, Peterhof, and other important sites.
  • Visit the vibrant capital cities of Stockholm, Helsinki, and Copenhagen.
  • Discover the scenic beauty of Bornholm Island, graced with rolling countryside, charming villages, unique round churches, and the impressive ruins of Hammershus Castle.
  • Step ashore in beautiful Visby; a World Heritage Site, this city of ‘roses and ruins’ was once the trading center of the Hanseatic League.

Expedition Team

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