Best of Brazil: A Wildlife Adventure

Jaguar in Brazil's Pantanal
September 11, 2018
17 Days
Overland Adventure
14 Guests
Into the Pantanal: A Brazilian Wildlife Adventure

Expedition Highlights

  • Search for giant anteaters in Serra da Canastra National Park, along with maned wolves, pampus deer, and the red-legged seriema.
  • Explore Brazil’s highly biodiverse Atlantic forest, home to 18 endemic primates, 160 endemic bird species, and over 1,000 types of orchids.
  • Seek out the wildlife of the world’s largest wetland—the Pantanal—home to caiman, capybara, howler monkeys, marmosets, giant river otters, and our ultimate goal, the elusive jaguar.
  • Discover a huge variety of large and colorful birds throughout your journey, including macaws, hummingbirds, ibis, storks, curassows, spoonbills, and a wide range of birds of prey.

Expedition Team

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