Chile & Peru: In the Wake of Humboldt & Darwin

Chile & Peru: In the Wake of Humboldt & Darwin
March 25, 2016
18 Days
Small-Ship Cruise
110 Guests
From $13,980

Just Announced: 20% Savings

Enjoy savings of 20% off per person on this expedition. Or, explore nearly the entire west coast of South America by combining with our Patagonia with the Falkland Islands & Cape Horn expedition and save an additional 5%—a total savings of 25% per person! 

Chile & Peru: In the Wake of Humboldt & Darwin

Expedition Highlights

  • Photograph stunning landscapes, from the towering peaks of the Andes to verdant valleys and from rocky, surf-pounded coastlines to the otherworldly terrain of the Atacama Desert.
  • Search for a variety of seabirds, including the endemic Peruvian booby, Humboldt penguin, and Inca tern.
  • Observe historic architecture, browse colorful markets, wander the pre-Columbian ruins of Chan Chán, and enjoy an optional flightseeing tour over the mysterious Nazca Lines.
  • Visit Lauca National Park, an Andean wonderland of volcanoes, glacier lakes, and unique South American wildlife.
  • Cruise by Zodiac to offshore islands where huge concentrations of seals and sea lions, whales and dolphins, and breeding seabirds can be found.
  • Save 5% when you combine with Patagonia with the Falkland Islands & Cape Horn!

Expedition Team

Ocean Adventurer

The recently refurbished 120-guest Ocean Adventurer is a superb oceangoing vessel equipped with stabilizers and an ice-strengthened hull that allow her to navigate easily in the most rugged natural environments. A fleet of Zodiac landing craft allows us to explore at a moment’s notice. Each stateroom has an ocean view, an in-room music system, and en suite bathroom.

Additional Exploration

Easter Island
Pre-Trip Extension:
Easter Island
March 20March 25, 2016
From TBD

Spend three full days unlocking the secrets of enigmatic Easter Island. This 63-square-mile island is considered the most remote inhabited island in the world and it is widely accepted that the original inhabitants were Polynesians, arriving as early as 318 AD Over 800 moai, or stone statues, have been located throughout the island and though there are many theories, the exact purpose of the statues remains a mystery.

Trip Preparation: Gear Up!

  • Ultimate Trekking Staff
Ultimate Trekking Staff

As you explore South America’s rugged western coast, you’ll be secure in your footing with this strong, lightweight trekking staff designed to make your outdoor adventures more navigable. An ergometric grip keeps your body aligned uphill or down and a thermofoam handle keeps you comfortable—take time to pause and drink in an Andean wonderland of volcanoes, glacier lakes, and unique wildlife.

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