Circumnavigation of Iceland

Circumnavigation of Iceland

30th Anniversary Signature Voyage

June 10, 2020
13 Days
Small-Ship Cruise
135 Guests
From $10,980

Optional Pre-Extension: Hiking Iceland's Interior

Before You Go

For most activities, a relatively moderate level of exertion is required. You will need to climb, unaided, in and out of Zodiacs for excursions ashore. Many of the landings will be “wet” and require that you wear waterproof, knee-high boots. Ashore, you must be able to walk moderate distances, unaided, over occasionally rough and often slippery terrain. We’ve designed our shore excursions to accommodate both those who enjoy gentle strolls and those who prefer more active hikes. Temperatures throughout will range from lows in the 40s°F to the high 50s°F. Please note that temperatures on the water may feel cooler. Flexibility is a must, as itineraries are subject to change, and landings may be tidal or weather dependent.