Circumnavigation of Sicily

Lipari, Aeolian Islands
September 26, 2017
13 Days
Small-Ship Cruise
72 Guests
From $8,980
Agrigento, Sicily

Expedition Highlights

  • Attend cooking demonstrations on how to prepare traditional Sicilian dishes, plus enjoy wine tastings of vintages from the Marsala and Licata regions.
  • Enjoy ample free time to stroll through picturesque coastal towns with many opportunities to dine ashore on your own.
  • Tour Monreale’s impressive 12th-century Cathedral; hailed as Italy’s most beautiful Norman church, the interior is covered with intricate mosaics, gold leaf, and stone intarsia.
  • Explore the exquisite Greek and Roman ruins of Agrigento and Syracuse—both UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
  • Cruise among the scenic Aeolian Islands and enjoy up-close views of still-active Stromboli Volcano.

An exceptionally well-thought-out itinerary devoted to one island that has so much to offer. It was great to have a little break in the middle, Stromboli and Etna, with an otherwise daily sightseeing agenda. There was excellent organization throughout and there’s been virtually nothing to criticize!

Katherine J.

Expedition Team

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