Costa Rica: Wildlife Sanctuary of the Americas

9 Days
Private Travel
2 Guests
From $4,500
Green Honeycreeper. Taken by Andy Morffew

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Tortuga Lodge Costa Rica

Tortuga Lodge & Gardens

Tortuga Lodge & Gardens is nestled on 146 acres of private land on Costa Rica's northeast Caribbean coast. The lodge has 14 River View Downstairs Terrace Rooms, 12 Upstairs River View Balcony Rooms and 1 River View Penthouse Suite. The Lodge's restaurant prepares a daily menu of local dishes served in creative ways.

Designed to blend into the river environment, the infinity pool features an environmentally-friendly purification system that uses an undetectable amount of salt instead of commercial chlorine. Upstairs rooms have almost as much window space as wall space; all windows are screened, they do not have glass allowing guests to listen to the sounds of the rainforest. Rooms do not have air conditioning. These rooms have a wooden floor, a high ceiling and on most days, a nice breeze flowing through the room.

Multiple bedding configurations are available. All rooms have a private shower with solar heated hot water, a ceiling fan, in-room safe, alarm clock, free wireless internet and a hairdryer. Each room has a front porch sitting area and hammock.