Cultural Mongolia with the Naadam Festival

Cultural Mongolia
July 2, 2019
15 Days
Cultural Journey
14 Guests
From $14,980
Flaming Cliffs, Mongolia

Expedition Highlights

  • Be among the first to travel on this new itinerary that focuses on Mongolia’s unique culture and breathtaking landscapes.
  • Attend the annual state and local Naadam Festivals to witness the traditional Mongolian sports of wrestling, archery, and horseback riding.
  • Stay in peaceful ger camps, supremely situated in areas of great natural beauty, and meet with traditional nomadic herding families to learn about their ancient customs and daily life. 
  • Explore the Gobi Desert by camel-back and visit the Flaming Cliffs, a hauntingly beautiful landscape where sandstone canyons have yielded an amazing collection of dinosaur fossils.

Expedition Team

  • Tese Wintz-Neighbor
    Expedition Leader / Travel Director

    Tese Neighbor

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