Ethiopia with the Timket Festival

January 10, 2019
12 Days
Overland Adventure
12 Guests
From $9,980

Expedition Highlights

  • Attend the Timket Festival in Lalibela and witness exuberant songs, spontaneous dances, and colorful processions.
  • Search for several endemic species—gelada baboons, Ethiopian wolves, klipspringers, and bushbucks—in Simien Mountains National Park.
  • Visit some of the earliest churches known to Christendom—the ancient rock-hewn churches of Lalibela, Ethiopia’s ‘New Jerusalem.’
  • Take a cruise on Lake Tana and step ashore on several islands where you will find beautiful monasteries and churches, some dating back to the 14th century.
  • Join an optional extension to visit the unique tribes of the Omo Valley.


Expedition Team

Additional Exploration

Karo Tribe
Post-Trip Extension:
Omo Valley
January 20January 28, 2019
From $5,790

The Omo Valley has been a crossroads for millennia and today, it is famous for the sheer number and variety of unique tribal cultures. Meet with several tribes that express their status and cultural identity through colorful body painting, hand-made jewelry, and elaborate hairdos. You will also have the opportunity to search for endemic Ethiopian wildlife in Bale Mountain National Park. 

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