Faces of Melanesia

Hawksbill Turtle
November 17, 2016
17 Days
Small-Ship Cruise
100 Guests
From $13,980
Trobriand Islands

Expedition Highlights

  • Join us on an award-winning journey that reveals the extraordinary diversity of Melanesia and its people.
  • Visit idyllic islands and isolated villages to witness time-honored traditions and ceremonies including hypnotic drumming, melodic bamboo panpipes, and elaborately-costumed dancers.
  • Snorkel or dive over pristine coral reefs populated by a variety of tropical fish—neon damsels, clownfish, Moorish idols, butterflyfish, delicate seahorses, and brilliantly hued wrasses.
  • Search for striking endemic birds, including the Solomon Island sea eagle, buff-headed coucal, and Melanesian megapode, amidst the lush, tropical vegetation.
  • Travel with Dr. Rick Hamilton, The Nature Conservancy’s Senior Melanesia Scientist, and learn about conservation efforts—particularly restoring healthy sea turtle populations—in Melanesia’s Coral Triangle.

The staff was outstanding and quite knowledgeable, and the remote villages we visited were so unique! 

Connie F.

Expedition Team

Caledonian Sky

The all-suite, 100-guest Caledonian Sky is a spacious, yet intimate, expedition vessel. Refurbished in 2018, her beautifully designed public spaces include a single-seating dining room, a large lounge with piano, elegant bar, enclosed panoramic viewing deck, sun deck, library, and small gym. All suites have an ocean view and feature a sitting room, en suite bathroom, flat-screen television, spacious wardrobes, and dressing table. The Caledonian Sky carries a fleet of Zodiacs, available for accessing remote shorelines and islands and is equipped to offer scuba diving.

Additional Exploration

Karawari, Papua New Guinea
Pre-Trip Extension:
Papua New Guinea
November 11November 20, 2016
From TBD

From spectacular lowland rainforests on the coastal plains to 15,000-foot-high peaks, Papua New Guinea is rightly called “the land of the unexpected.” The lush green canopy of the tropical rainforest is home to 38 species of the ornately plumaged bird of paradise and over 2,700 species of orchids. Explore the fascinating culture and villages along the Karawari River, and the spectacular flora, fauna, and unique culture of the highlands from our lodge perched high on Mount Kuta.

Trip Preparation: Gear Up!

  • HydroSkin Paddling & Snorkeling Gloves
HydroSkin Paddling & Snorkeling Gloves

Even snorkelers need protection from the occasional sharp “stingy things” in tropical waters—these HydroSkin® gloves offer a comfortable, flexible fit and enhance the feel of your underwater camera, making it a snap to photograph the neon damsels, clownfish, and delicate seahorses of Melanesia. Back home, they’re an unbeatable cold-weather glove, as well.

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