Gorillas of the Congo

Gorillas of the Congo
July 31, 2020
13 Days
Wildlife Adventure
12 Guests
From $13,580

Additional departure: August 2, 2019

Gorillas of the Congo

Expedition Highlights

  • Enjoy the rare privilege of watching gorilla families interacting with interpretation by local experts.
  • View rare forest species not found on typical safaris—chimpanzees, pygmy hippos, gray-cheeked mangabeys, putty-nosed monkeys, forest buffalo, and the elusive bongo.
  • Discover unique flora—a staggering 11,000 plant species have been identified to date with over 1,100 found only in this eco-system.
  • Set out on a variety of adventures—gorilla and primate treks, forest hikes, river cruises, and nocturnal spotlighting excursions.
  • Visit Ombo Village to learn about the locals' traditions of subsistence farming and hunting.

Expedition Team

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