The Heart of Myanmar: Along the Irrawaddy & Chindwin Rivers

Yangon, Myanmar
September 15, 2017
19 Days
Overland Adventure
14 Guests
From $13,580
Myanmar Locals

Expedition Highlights

  • Cruise the Upper Irrawaddy and exotic Chindwin Rivers aboard the luxurious 46-guest Anawrahta.  
  • Explore the Mahar Minkyaung Monastery, an extraordinary blend of European and Burmese architecture that houses the 1,000-year-old Shwe Sagar Buddha.    
  • Enjoy timeless river scenes as you drift past dense jungles, steep-sided gorges, emerald rice paddies, and tiny, traditional villages.
  • Spend two days exploring the extensive ruins and stunning temples of Bagan, the 11th-century capital.
  • Step ashore in tiny, rural villages to meet with locals and learn about their culture and daily life along the rivers.

Expedition Team

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