Hiram Bingham's Hidden Peru

Machu Picchu, Peru
October 18, 2018
8 Days
Escorted Journeys
14 Guests
From $6,890
Post-Trip Extension

Cusco / Embark Belmond Andean Explorer

October 25

This morning, board the Belmond Andean Explorer train. Relax as you pass the dramatic scenery of the Andean Highlands, and enjoy a gourmet lunch on board. Make a stop at the archaeological site of Raqchi, also known as Temple of Viracocha where Inca storehouses and parts of the main building can be seen. In the afternoon you will be served tea during sunset in La Raya, surrounded by imposing mountains. After dinner on board, the train arrives at the Lake Titicaca station for overnight.

Lake Titicaca

October 26

Witness the glorious sunrise on Lake Titicaca this morning. Breakfast will be served on board, after which you will visit the Islands of Uros, a set of floating islands made of totora, plants that grow in the lake. Visit Taquile Island, for wonderful views of the lake. Lunch will be served on the island at Collata Beach, where you will enjoy a demonstration of typical dances and crafts from the inhabitants of the island. Afterward, return to the station at Lake Titicaca. As you travel toward Arequipa, enjoy tea, cocktails, and dinner on board.  

Puno / Arequipa

October 27

Enjoy breakfast with views of the Saracocha Lagoon in the Puno region, before the train continues to Arequipa. En route, visit the Sumbay caves, where paintings from the Paleolithic, representing human and animal figures, can be seen on the walls. Check in to the Libertador Arequipa with the evening at leisure.

Arequipa / Lima / Trujillo

October 28

Your city tour begins at the Museum of Andean Sanctuaries to view Juanita, the mummified remains of the 14-year-old daughter of an Inca dignitary. Continue to the Main Square, where you can see many buildings constructed from sillar (a white volcanic rock), earning Arequipa the nickname, “White City.” Continue to the Carmen Alto Scenic Viewpoint, located in front of the Chili River, for expansive views of the city. Your tour ends at the Monastery of Saint Catherine, built in 1579. Continue to the airport for your flight to Lima and connect with your flight to Trujillo. Check in to Casa Andina Private Collection Trujillo with the rest of the evening free to explore on your own.


October 29

Begin your city tour with a look at several colonial homes that have been meticulously restored. Many feature exquisite wrought iron window grates, generous patios, and lavishly decorated rooms. Then visit the National University’s Museum of Archaeology, where you will find artifacts from several pre-Hispanic cultures. A short drive brings you to the Moche Valley and the ruins of the Sun and Moon temples, South America’s largest pre-Columbian pyramids, representative of the Moche culture in the 5th century. Enjoy a delightful lunch of fresh seafood at the small fishing village of Huanchaco. Here you can see local fishermen that are still using the traditional narrow, reed boats depicted on 2,000-year-old Moche pottery.  After lunch, visit the World Heritage Site of Chan Chán. The ruins of this former imperial headquarters of the Chimú Empire (1000-1470), feature the remains of palaces, temples, dwellings, and burial mounds, many sculpted with ornate figures. 

Trujillo / Chiclayo

October 30

After breakfast, travel overland to Chiclayo City. En route, make a stop at El Brujo Archaeological Complex. The walls of the main temple are decorated with images of mythological animals, shamans, and warriors. The famous mummy, Lady of Cao, was found in this temple in 2006, along with ceramic, gold, silver, and copper ornaments and two gold ornamented wood truncheons, which are on display in the on-site museum. After lunch, arrive in Chiclayo and check in to the Wyndham Costa del Sol.


October 31

Today, begin your explorations at the Sicán Museum, dedicated to the Sicán culture which flourished after the collapse of the Moche culture. Continue to the Valley of the Pyramids of Túcume, home to 26 pyramids that were built over 1,000 years ago. After lunch at a local restaurant, visit the Royal Tombs of Sipán Museum, which displays artifacts buried with the Lord of Sipán—gold, silver, fine textiles, and ceremonial objects. Drive to City Hall, built in 1919, then visit the famous Wizard’s Market, where you will find everything from love potions to ceremonial objects used in Shamanism. Return to our hotel for a special farewell cocktail party and dinner.

Chiclayo / Lima / Departure

November 1

Transfer to the airport this morning for your flight to Lima and check in to the Belmond Miraflores Park. This evening, transfer to the airport for your homeward flight.