Hokkaido: Japan's Wild Island

Hokkaido: Japan's Wild Island
May 19, 2018
16 Days
Small-Ship Cruise
100 Guests
From $13,980
Spectacled Guillemots, Japan

Expedition Highlights

  • Wander through vast fields of wildflowers on Rebun Island, the “Floating Island of Flowers” that makes up part of Rishiri-Rebun-Sarobetsu National Park.
  • Search for Japanese pygmy-woodpeckers, white-tailed eagles, Eurasian bullfinches, and iconic red-crowned cranes, along with thousands of migratory seabirds that breed on Teuri Island.
  • Explore spectacular Shikotsu-Toya National Park, a UNESCO Global Geopark noted for its two namesake caldera lakes, as well as hot springs and extensive hiking trails.
  • Join locals at the buzzing asaichis (morning markets) in Abashiri and Hakodate.
  • Learn about the indigenous Ainu culture at the Museum of Northern Peoples and experience a traditional Cossack performance in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

Expedition Team

Caledonian Sky

The all-suite, 100-guest Caledonian Sky is a spacious, yet intimate, expedition vessel. Refurbished in 2018, her beautifully designed public spaces include a single-seating dining room, a large lounge with piano, elegant bar, enclosed panoramic viewing deck, sun deck, library, and small gym. All suites have an ocean view and feature a sitting room, en suite bathroom, flat-screen television, spacious wardrobes, and dressing table. The Caledonian Sky carries a fleet of Zodiacs, available for accessing remote shorelines and islands and is equipped to offer scuba diving.

Additional Exploration

Kyoto, Japan
Pre-Trip Extension:
May 16May 21, 2018
From $4,980

Kyoto was the imperial capital of Japan for more than 1,000 years and is nicknamed City of Ten Thousand Shrines. One of the best-preserved cities in Japan, Kyoto represents the heart and soul of Japanese culture. Explore exquisite temples, gardens, palaces, and elegant artisan shops, and enjoy traditional food and cultural entertainment. This extension also includes a day trip to view Nara’s splendid historic monuments.

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