Into the Pantanal: A Brazilian Wildlife Adventure

October 2, 2015
19 Days
Overland Adventure
16 Guests
From $14,580
Into the Pantanal: A Brazilian Wildlife Adventure

Expedition Highlights

  • Join Mark Brazil on this comprehensive itinerary that explores the northern and southern regions of the Pantanal, truly one of the most spectacular areas for wildlife in the New World.
  • Search for Brazil’s iconic wildlife—caiman, capybara, howler monkeys, marmosets, giant river otters, and our ultimate goal—the elusive jaguar.
  • Discover a huge variety of large and colorful birds on this South American adventure travel tour, including: macaws, ibis, storks, curassows, spoonbills, and a wide range of birds of prey.
  • Enjoy excellent photography—the dry season offers stunning scenery and up-close shots of wildlife as they congregate at the shrinking water sources.
  • Stay at comfortable eco lodges supremely situated to take advantage of nature viewing.

Expedition Team

Trip Preparation: Gear Up!

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HookUpz Universal Smart Phone Adapter by Carson

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