Iran by Rail

Esfahan, Iran
November 1, 2017
15 Days
Overland Adventure
20 Guests
From $16,480
Esfahan, Iran

Expedition Highlights

  • Gain a unique perspective as you travel by train on a fascinating journey that travels well off the tourist track to areas that are rarely seen by Western visitors.
  • Visit seven amazing UNESCO World Heritage Sites—Choghazanbil, Fin Garden, Masjed-e Jamé, the Royal Square of Esfahan, Persepolis, the ancient hydraulic system of Shushtar, and Golestan Palace in Tehran. 
  • Browse the stalls of the ancient bazaar of Kashan, famous for Persian carpets, textiles, and rosewater. 
  • Tour Tehran, Iran’s cosmopolitan capital, where highlights include the National Museum of Archaeology and the National Jewels Museum.
  • Ride the luxurious Golden Eagle while absorbing the rich culture and landscapes of Iran.

Expedition Team

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