Life Along the Mekong River: Laos & Thailand

January 3, 2016
16 Days
Small-Ship Cruise
28 Guests
From $9,980

Just Announced: $1,500 Air Credit

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Life Along the Mekong River

Expedition Highlights

  • Enjoy a six-night cruise along the lesser-traveled Central Mekong to view daily rural life, and visit colorful markets with the opportunity to meet the lovely minority tribes-people.
  • Discover the charming town of Luang Prabang; once home to the royal family, its palace, pagodas, and lovely temples make this World Heritage Site Laos' top attraction.
  • View pre-historic rock art in Phu Phra Bat and Pha Taem National Park, which offer glimpses into life along the Mekong over 3,000 years ago.
  • Wander among the ruins of Wat Phou; built in the same style as Angkor Wat, this World Heritage Site is also the largest archaeological complex in Laos.
  • Visit the 4,000 Islands region to view Khone Phapheng, the largest waterfall by volume in Asia.

Expedition Team

Trip Preparation: Gear Up!

  • Fast-Drying Ankle Socks
Fast-Drying Ankle Socks

When you’re cruising down the lesser-traveled Central Mekong River, these fast-drying ankle socks will keep your feet dry and comfortable no matter how many times you jump ship to hike, walk, and scramble on the river banks. Plus, there’s a three-year “All-Holes-Barred” guarantee—so go ahead and trek to your heart’s content in Luang Prabang and Pha Taem National Park.

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