Melanesia, Solomon Islands & Vanuatu


30th Anniversary Signature Voyage

September 10, 2020
18 Days
Small-Ship Cruise
100 Guests
From $14,480

Optional Pre-Extension: Papua New Guinea: Cultural Connections


Based on the expeditionary nature of our trips, there may be ongoing enhancements to this itinerary.
Below please find the day-by-day itinerary for this expedition. Unless otherwise noted, daily excursion options are included in the cost of the trip. We do our best to adhere to the scheduled itinerary, but in the spirit of our expeditionary style of travel, we may deviate slightly to take full advantage of encounters with the destination and its people, culture, and wildlife.

Rates for the Papua New Guinea extension are $8,480 per person, double occupancy and $9,980 per person, single occupancy.

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Pre-Trip Extension
Papua New Guinea: Cultural Connections

Depart USA / Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

September 4September 6

Board your independent flight to Papua New Guinea, crossing the International Date Line en route. Arrive in Port Moresby on September 6, and transfer to the Airways Hotel for dinner and overnight.

Port Moresby / Mount Hagen / Karawari

September 7

After breakfast, board our group flight to the Sepik River area, via Mount Hagen. Transfer to Karawari Lodge—named for the nearby river—your base for exploring the fascinating culture along the jungle-fringed waterways. The main lodge building, designed after the traditional haus tambaran—ancestral worship house—is decorated with artifacts and boldly carved furniture, and includes a dining room, library, lounge, and a long veranda overlooking the Karawari River.


September 8September 9

Spend two days exploring ‘Arambak’ country, one of the most remote and unspoiled areas of Papua New Guinea. Board small boats to explore along the Karawari River, where crocodiles bask on the banks, and you may see locals paddling their dugout canoes with long, curved oars. You have several opportunities to observe village life and customs, participate in daily activities, and see reenactments of traditional ceremonies. Search for several species of birds of paradise and the beautiful Sepik blue orchid, found along the forest trails surrounding the lodge.

Karawari / Mount Hagen / Rondon Ridge

September 10

Board our charter flight to Mount Hagen and, upon arrival, transfer to Rondon Ridge Lodge. Each room features a bird’s-eye view of paradise, overlooking the Wahgi Valley. Spend the afternoon exploring the lodge’s vast network of forest trails.

Rondon Ridge

September 11September 12

Located at 7,100 feet above sea level, Rondon offers pristine highlands rainforest. Over 180 species of birds have been recorded here, including 10 species of birds of paradise. A highlight of your time here is the chance to meet and interact with the Melpa people. Though first contact with the Melpa was made in 1934, in many ways, their lifestyle remains relatively unchanged. Among the world’s first horticulturists, learn about the important industries of gardening and sweet potato cultivation. 

Rondon Ridge / Port Moresby / Embark Island Sky

September 13

Today, return to Port Moresby and embark the Island Sky in time for dinner.