Morocco: Minarets & Medinas

Morocco: Minarets & Medinas
September 16, 2018
11 Days
Escorted Journeys
14 Guests
From $10,990
This trip is offered through Travcoa.

Expedition Highlights

  • Explore the Roman ruins of Volubilis and dine on ancient Roman recipes paired with local wines. 
  • Sip traditional Moroccan mint tea in the home of a Berber family in the High Atlas Mountains.   
  • Spend two full days in magical Marrakech, famous for its intact medieval architecture and bustling souks, packed with vendors touting everything from fresh produce to high-quality leather goods.
  • Dine at Rick’s Café, designed to recreate the restaurant made famous by the movie Casablanca.
  • Watch the sun rise over the Sahara and take a camel ride over the undulating dunes on an optional extension.

This journey is offered in collaboration with our sister company, Travcoa.

Expedition Team

Additional Exploration

Tea Time on the Sahara Desert
Post-Trip Extension:
The Sahara Desert
September 26September 29, 2018
From $4,690

Enjoy a drive through the High Atlas Mountains; a visit to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ksar Ait Ben; and a night in Skoura, home to palm plantations and centuries-old kasbahs—and this is all during the first day! You'll also spend time in the Sahara Desert, cruising via 4x4 vehicles or even camels through the stunning colors and landscapes of the Sahara.

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