Myanmar & Laos: Land of a Thousand Temples

Bagan, Myanmar
November 23, 2018
19 Days
Overland Adventure
20 Guests
From $11,980
Burmese Local

Expedition Highlights

  • Photograph Yangon’s Shwedagon Pagoda—an ethereal complex of striking golden-spired temples.
  • Witness the extensive ruins of the 11th-century capital Bagan, including revered reliquary shrines, a glistening whitewashed Mon temple, and a Bamarstyle brick pagoda.
  • Visit the floating gardens of Inle Lake and meet the unique boaters who row dexterously with their legs.
  • Cruise down the Mekong River into the rarely visited heart of inner Laos to view daily rural life and visit colorful markets, with the opportunity to meet the lovely minority tribes-people.
  • Discover the charming town of Luang Prabang, once home to the royal family, home to a palace, pagodas, lovely temples, and truly exotic markets.

Expedition Team

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