Nepal & Bhutan with the Black-necked Crane Festival

Chitwan National Park
October 29, 2019
21 Days
Wildlife Adventure
14 Guests
From $14,980
Nepal & Bhuan

Expedition Highlights

  •  Experience the perfect blend of this region’s fascinating culture, stunning scenery, and rich wildlife on a new itinerary.

  •  Attend the annual Black-necked Crane Festival where you will mingle with locals as they celebrate the return of these sacred birds with specials songs and dances. 

  •  Explore the subtropical forests of Nepal’s Chitwan National Park on foot, by boat, and on game drives.

  • Visit Tiger’s Nest, Bhutan’s most famous monastery.

  • Witness a variety of birds and wildlife from bar-headed geese and spotted eagles to one-horned rhinos and wild elephants.

Expedition Team

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