Northwest Passage

Facts About Polar Bears—Their Plight and Prospects
September 4, 2015
20 Days
110 Guests
From $15,980
Northwest Passage

Expedition Highlights

  • Hike over colorful tundra, explore protected bays by Zodiac, and enjoy the opportunity to walk on the legendary ice sheet of Greenland.
  • Land on shores made famous by Roald Amundsen and infamous by Sir John Franklin’s tragic expedition in search of the fabled passage to Asia.
  • Search for a variety of wildlife—seabirds, waterfowl, whales, seals, and musk oxen.
  • Cruise down sinuous fjords littered with glittering icebergs to the face of actively calving glaciers.
  • Photograph picturesque towns and meet with hearty locals who will teach you about life in the High Arctic.

Expedition Team

  • Mike Messick
    Expedition Staff

    Mike Messick

  • Lynne Greig
    Expedition Staff

    Lynne Greig

  • Mike Moore
    Expedition Staff

    Michael Moore

  • Mark Dalpe
    Expedition Staff

    Mark Dalpes

  • Jim Delgado
    Expedition Staff

    Jim Delgado

  • Carmen Field
    Expedition Staff

    Carmen Field

  • Conrad Field
    Expedition Staff

    Conrad Field

  • Ellen McIlvaine
    Expedition Staff

    Ellen McIlvaine

  • Dan Olsen
    Expedition Staff

    Dan Olsen

  • Rick Price
    Expedition Staff

    Rick Price

  • Tom Sharpe
    Expedition Staff

    Tom Sharpe

  • Hector Williams
    Expedition Staff

    Hector Williams

  • Jim Wilson
    Expedition Staff

    Jim Wilson

Trip Preparation: Gear Up!

  • Dry Peak Ultralight Waterproof Day Pack
Dry Peak Ultralight Waterproof Day Pack

When the High Arctic is calling, be sure to pack this ultralight, waterproof day pack, a favorite for its thoughtful storage pockets, roll-top waterproof closure, and breathable, supportive straps. Hike to your heart’s content and explore by Zodiac without being weighed down or compromising the safety of your gear.

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