Papua New Guinea: Cultural Connections - Departure #1

Melpa tribe
September 14, 2019
10 Days
Cultural Journey
12 Guests
From $7,580

Combine with Papua New Guinea
Additional departure: September 04, 2020


Expedition Highlights

  • Cruise along the Karawari River to view crocodiles basking on the banks and locals paddling their slender dugout canoes with long, curved oars.
  •  Observe village life and customs, participate in typical daily activities, and see reenactments of traditional ceremonies.
  • Take nature walks to search for unique flora and fauna, including blue, superb and king of Saxony birds of paradise; flightless cassowaries; and the delicate Sepik blue orchid.
  • Travel to remote areas where you will stay in comfortable lodges with fantastic panoramic views of the surrounding wilderness.

Expedition Team

  • Shirley Campbell
    Expedition Leader / Social Anthropologist

    Shirley Campbell