Sacred Traditions: Japan Revealed

The Culture of Japan
October 21, 2016
19 Days
Overland Adventure
14 Guests
From $15,980
Sacred Traditions: Japan Revealed

Expedition Highlights

  • Join Mark Brazil and Chieko Sakihana on a new itinerary designed specifically for those with an appreciation of Japanese arts, cuisine, customs, and culture.
  • Learn about many of Japan’s traditional industries, from wasabi growing and kimono silk spinning to washi paper manufacturing and sake brewing.
  • Go beyond Kyoto’s noteworthy temples to learn about traditional Japanese arts and crafts, and attend a drum performance.
  • Spend three nights in the historical town of Kanazawa, including visits to the famous gardens of Kenroku-en and Myoryuji Temple with its extraordinary architectural features.
  • Admire Japan's autumn colors and view some of the country's rare and unusual wildlife, including the Japanese crested ibis that is recovering from near extinction.

Expedition Team

Trip Preparation: Gear Up!

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