Sea to Sahara: Cape Verde, Canary Islands & Morocco

Zegrahm Expeditions Sea to Sahara
April 7, 2018
16 Days
Aboard the Island Sky
100 Guests
From $13,980

Islands and Outposts Sea to Sahara Expedition

Islands and Outposts

This region’s remote isles and desert panoramas are the setting of a new and one-of-a-kind voyage.

You may find yourself in the caldera of an active volcano one day, atop a pristine-white sand dune the next, and embraced in the culture-swirl of a souk the day after. 

Experience the rhythm of the ocean, the drama of the landscapes, the call of endemic birds, and the symphony of tongues as varied as Spanish, Portuguese, Berber, Arabic, and the remarkable whistled language of the isolated island of La Gomera. 

Join Zegrahm president Van Perry and co-founder Mike Messick on this special President’s cruise aboard the 100-guest Island Sky.

Expedition Team

Island Sky

Built in 1992 and recently refurbished, the Island Sky is a comfortable and contemporary expedition vessel. Public spaces include a large lounge, elegant bar with piano, library stocked with fiction and reference books along with a selection of games, and a single-seating dining room. Outside decks feature a bar, and a sun deck where meals are served in pleasant weather. All suites feature ocean views, a sitting area, en suite bathroom, large wardrobes, small refrigerator, and television.

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