In Search of Snow Leopards

Snow Leopard, India
February 8, 2019
13 Days
Wildlife Adventure
12 Guests
From $9,980
Blue Sheep, India

Expedition Highlights

  • Join veteran expedition leader and ornithologist, Mark Brazil, on a brand-new expedition to seek out unique Himalayan wildlife.
  • Spend five full days tracking snow leopards, as well as ibex, blue sheep, marmots, and Himalayan wolves.
  • Enjoy superb mountain views and traditional home cooking at the Snow Leopard Lodge, situated in the remote Ulley Valley.
  • Photograph the rugged grandeur of the Himalayas—sunrise and sunset are especially magical.
  • Search for a variety of birds, including golden eagles, Chukar partridges, and bearded vultures.

Expedition Team

Additional Exploration

Post-Trip Extension:
Pench National Park
February 19February 24, 2019
From $3,980


$3,980 per person, double occupancy; $4,960 per person, solo occupancy

Flight Information:

You will need to purchase airfare from your home city/Delhi and Delhi/home city. All other flights are included in the cost of the extension.

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