Snow Monkeys & Cranes of Japan

February 9, 2016
19 Days
Overland Adventure
14 Guests
From $15,480
Snow Monkeys & Cranes of Japan

Expedition Highlights

  • Witness nearly 12,000 hooded and white-naped cranes in Arasaki, Kyushu—the stirring sights and sounds of these elegant birds are among the most memorable wildlife experiences anywhere in the Far East.
  • Visit the enchanting, snow-enveloped village of Shirakawa-go, a UNESCO World Heritage Site; the tall, gable-roofed Gassho-Zukuri architecture, which literally means “hands folded in prayer,” is unique in Japan.
  • Observe the celebrated spectacle of the snow monkeys that visit and soak in the thermal baths of Jigokudani in central Honshu, and enjoy the therapeutic properties of the hot springs at our lodge.
  • Photograph large flocks of Japanese, or red-crowned, cranes as they leap, pirouette, and trumpet loudly in dramatic greeting and courting rituals.
  • Search for foxes, deer, and seals on the Shiretoko Peninsula and take a boat trip to the ice edge to feed and photograph mighty Steller’s sea eagles.

Our trip to Japan was beyond our wildest expectations! The itinerary, the manner in which we traveled, the accommodations, and Mark's intimate knowledge of the people, culture, and fauna gave us a unique look at Japan. Looking at our images, we're amazed at how much we experienced!

David & Maida M.

Expedition Team

  • Mark Brazil
    Expedition Leader

    Mark Brazil

Trip Preparation: Gear Up!

  • Trail Ultra Crampon
Trail Ultra Crampon

When hiking to observe the curious snow monkeys, you'll be thankful to have donned these crampons to cover the soles of your boots; a must for this expedition, they'll help you cross a completely snow-covered trail and get you up-close and personal to the hot springs.

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