South American Mosaic

South American Mosaic
April 2, 2015
16 Days
Small-Ship Cruise
110 Guests
From $10,980
South American Mosaic

Expedition Highlights

  • Search for an incredible diversity of wildlife including macaws, monkeys, exotic birds, and pink Amazon river dolphins, a hallmark of South America adventure travel.
  • Visit riverside villages and meet the friendly locals who inhabit this lush wilderness.
  • Fly into the heart of wild Guyana to view Kaieteur Falls, nearly five times the height of Niagara.
  • Wander the eerie ruins of the French penal colony known as Devil’s Island, now nearly reclaimed by the jungle.
  • Discover the natural and cultural riches of Trinidad & Tobago.

With exemplary tour guides and lecturers and adventurous destinations, Zegrahm makes nature come alive. 

Dennis L.

Expedition Team

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