Time of Your Life: Italian Style

Time of Your Life: Italian Style
May 10, 2018
14 Days
Escorted Journeys
14 Guests
From $16,890
This trip is offered through Travcoa.

Expedition Highlights

  • Soak in the therapeutic waters of Saturnia while enjoying the gorgeous natural surroundings.
  • Discover the sublime beauty of Sardinia, also known as “paradise island” for its wealth of unspoiled landscapes.   
  • Visit ancient Etruscan sites to learn more about this mysterious civilization that ruled Italy for centuries.
  • Explore Bonifacio, Corsica—perched atop limestone cliffs, the Old Town offers a labyrinth of narrow streets lined with medieval houses, while vibrant shops and restaurants line the dazzling natural harbor.
  • Experience the rural life of a farm in Tuscany’s Maremma country and observe the Butteri (Italian cowboys) at work.

This journey is offered through our sister company, Travcoa.

Expedition Team

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