Treasures of Japan with South Korea

Treasures of Japan with South Korea
April 12, 2019
17 Days
Aboard the Caledonian Sky
100 Guests
From $15,980
Treasures of Japan with South Korea

Expedition Highlights

  • Visit sacred Shinto shrines and ancient Buddhist temples.
  • Stroll through the moving Peace Memorial Park at Hiroshima.
  • Spend a full day in Gyeongju, South Korea with a visit to Bulguksa Temple, a World Heritage Site.
  • View Matsue’s architectural treasures, including a perfectly preserved medieval castle and a 250-year-old Samurai house.
  • Watch a master potter create distinctive pastel-glazed ceramics in Hagi.
  • Photograph two of Japan’s most celebrated traditional gardens—Koraku-en and Kenroku-en—as well as Miyajima’s iconic red torii.

Expedition Team

Caledonian Sky

The all-suite, 100-guest Caledonian Sky is a spacious, yet intimate, expedition vessel. Refurbished in 2012, her beautifully designed public spaces include a single-seating dining room, a large lounge with piano, elegant bar, enclosed panoramic viewing deck, sun deck, library, and small gym. All suites have an ocean view and feature a sitting room, en suite bathroom, flat-screen television, spacious wardrobes, and dressing table. The Caledonian Sky carries a fleet of Zodiacs, available for accessing remote shorelines and islands and is equipped to offer scuba diving.

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