Uganda Safari

13 Days
Private Travel
2 Guests
From $8,298

Expedition Highlights

From mist-shrouded forests, home to mountain gorillas, to passes where the full force of the Nile gushes through a 20-foot gap in the rock, Uganda beckons travelers searching for a hidden jewel in the vast continent of Africa. Taking a road less-traveled into the misty rainforests of this unique country, International Expeditions’ Uganda expedition allows you to savor four national parks — Murchison Falls, Bwindi, Queen Elizabeth, and Kibale — each one a destination in its own right. There’s no better way to absorb Uganda’s sweeping savannahs, captivating cultures and glorious wildlife than International Expeditions’ comprehensive Uganda safari.

Explore Africa’s “Pearl”

Winston Churchill dubbed Uganda the “Pearl of Africa” for good reason. It’s a diverse country, green and tropical, with savannahs, forests, lakes, branches of the Nile and snow-covered peaks. Our comprehensive trek exposes you to wildlife and plants characteristic of both East and West Africa, meaning that you can see more on IE’s Uganda expedition than you could just about anywhere else.

Four Parks; A Thousand “Highlights”

Our Uganda travel package has extraordinary scope, taking in one highlight after another in four national parks. Unquestionably, IE guests rave about tracking gorillas in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest — seeing gorillas in the wild has to rank among the greatest thrills in natural history. Plus, on our Uganda expedition you look for chimpanzees in Kibale Forest; see world-famous Murchison Falls, the Mountains of the Moon and the wildlife of Queen Elizabeth National Park.

  • IE's Custom Travel Planners can create individually tailored tours that match your style of travel, budget & timeline.
  • Trek for mountain gorillas & chimpanzees, as well as many other primates.
  • Comprehensive itinerary crafted to explore four national parks.
  • Form deep connections to Uganda's people while chatting with guides who grew up in local tribes & when visiting a small village.
  • Enjoy three boat excursions on the Nile, Kazinga Channel & Lake Albert Delta.
  • Spot birds from East & West Africa, including the rare shoebill.
  • Visit remote & wonderful Murchison Falls National Park

Expedition Team

  • Stephen Baboineki
    Expedition Leader

    Stephen Baboineki

  • Denis Erabu
    Expedition Leader

    Denis Erabu

  • Benjamin Musisi
    Expedition Leader

    Benjamin Musisi

  • A Note About Field Staff

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