Ultimate Ethiopia

Ultimate Ethiopia
October 7, 2019
16 Days
Wildlife Adventure
15 Guests
From $10,980

Combine with Omo Valley Extension
Additional Departure: October 12, 2020


Based on the expeditionary nature of our trips, there may be ongoing enhancements to this itinerary.
Below please find the day-by-day itinerary for this expedition. Unless otherwise noted, daily excursion options are included in the cost of the trip. We do our best to adhere to the scheduled itinerary, but in the spirit of our expeditionary style of travel we may deviate slightly to take full advantage of encounters with the destination and its people, culture, and wildlife.

Rates for the Omo Valley extension are $4,980 per person, double occupancy; $5,460 per person, single occupancy.

Post-Trip Extension
Omo Valley

Addis Ababa / Arba Minch

October 22

After breakfast, board our flight for Arba Minch. Check in to the Paradise Lodge, set between the twin lakes of Abaya and Chamo, which are part of Nechisar National Park. 

Arba Minch

October 23

Today visit with the Dorze tribe, famed for their beehive-shaped houses and their weaving skills. Though weaving is the primary profession for many Dorze, they are also farmers, who prevent soil erosion with ingenious mountainside terracing. Then take a cruise on Lake Chamo, set in a region of thick acacia woodlands. Be on the lookout for crocodiles and hippos, as well as abundant birdlife, including weavers, sunbirds, waxbills, and colonies of pelicans.

Arba Minch / Jinka

October 24

Depart Arba Minch and drive south to a traditional Konso village. A unique feature here are the unusual carved wooden grave markers erected to honor dead warriors. Mingle with the tribespeople and learn about their ancient culture. Continue towards Jinka, stopping en route at a Tsemay, where you will learn about their traditions of small-scale farming and semi-nomadic lifestyle that dates back centuries. A highlight of your visit is the opportunity to explore a village marketplace, where various tribes gather to sell their wares. In the late afternoon, check in to Eco-Omo Safari Lodge, set in the Omo Valley.       

Jinka / Turmi

October 25

This area is home to the Mursi people, probably the best-known tribe in southern Ethiopia. The women of the Mursi tribe are renowned for their unusual custom of wearing large clay or wooden discs in their lower lips. Continue to the Buska Lodge in Turmi. This afternoon, visit a nearby Hamar village to learn more about their culture, lifestyle, and rituals. Self-adornment if very important for the Hamar—both men and women of the tribe use ochre, feathers, and other decorations to form elaborate hairstyles, wear colorful beads and body paint, and use thorns to carve intricate designs into their skin. With luck, you may be able to witness the spectacle called cattle jumping, a ceremony that constitutes a rite of passage for young men.


October 26

Visit with two main tribes who reside in this area, the Kolcho and the Karo. The Karo ethnic groups are experts in body painting, using clays and vegetable pigments to trace fantastic patterns on their faces, chests, arms, and legs. These designs are created purely for fun and aesthetic effect, with each artist vying to outdo the other. Karo men also sculpt and shave their hair into extravagant shapes, with special ochre “caps” of hair usually containing several ostrich feathers.  

Turmi / Addis Ababa / USA

October 27October 28

This morning, board our short flight to Addis Ababa, and transfer to the Golden Tulip with the afternoon at leisure before transferring to the airport for your late evening flight. Arrive in the USA the next day.