Ultimate Galapagos

Ultimate Galapagos
August 11, 2016
13 Days
Aboard the Isabela II
38 Guests
From $11,980
Ultimate Galapagos

Expedition Highlights

  • Witness numerous endemic species; giant Galápagos tortoises, marine iguanas, flightless cormorants, Galápagos hawks, and Darwin's finches, to name a few.
  • Photograph a wide variety of wildlife that has grown astonishingly fearless in the absence of humans and large predators.
  • Discover fascinating geology—lunar-like lava fields, eroded volcanic cones, and active shield volcanoes.
  • Snorkel and swim among playful sea lions as well as sea turtles, rays, and, with luck, Galápagos penguins.
  • Explore during frequent Zodiac cruises, by kayak, glass-bottom boat, and snorkel excursions.

Zegrahm expeditions are simultaneously adventurous, educational, and fun, all while being very well organized and managed. If you try one trip, you will want to do them all!

Lewis B.

Expedition Team

  • Jack Grove
    Expedition Staff

    Jack Grove

  • Greg Estes
    Expedition Staff

    Greg Estes

Isabela II

The 38-guest Isabela II, with 20 ocean-view staterooms, is one of the most luxurious yachts cruising the Galápagos. All guest staterooms are spacious and include private bathrooms. The Isabela II is fully air-conditioned and has the amenities of a larger vessel, including a bar, dining room, and sun deck. She carries sea kayaks, Zodiacs, and a glass-bottom boat.

Trip Preparation: Gear Up!

  • UPF Rash Guard & Snorkel Top
UPF Rash Guard & Snorkel Top

Protecting you from the occasional encounter with “stingy things” and keeping you comfortable while getting up close and personal with the Galápagos’ playful sea lions, sea turtles, rays, and penguins, this UPF 50-rated, versatile top is a must for your marine adventures in Darwin’s living laboratory.

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