Ultimate Iceland

Ultimate Iceland
June 17, 2018
9 Days
Overland Adventure
18 Guests
From $8,480
Whooper Swans

Expedition Highlights

  • Don crampons for a trek across Breiðarmerkurjökull Glacier, and set out on an unforgettable boat ride on Jökulsárlón Lake, cruising among aquamarine icebergs.
  • Witness the dramatic landscapes at Skálanes Nature Reserve and the labyrinthine lava formations, seething sulphur pits, and boiling mud pools of Mývatn—its lake and surrounding wetlands are one of the world’s richest birdlife areas, supporting enormous numbers of breeding ducks and whooper swans.
  • Meet the residents of colorful fishing hamlets and visit a museum that recalls the heyday of the booming herring era.

Expedition Team

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