Ultimate Namibia

Himba Woman, Namibia
August 2, 2015
15 Days
Overland Adventure
14 Guests
From $13,980
Ultimate Namibia

Expedition Highlights

  • Join this itinerary that offers an in-depth view of Namibia’s wild coast, otherworldly deserts, rugged mountains, stunning wildlife, and rich cultural heritage.
  • Discover an abundance of wildlife including unique desert-adapted elephants in Damaraland, as well as black and white rhinos—Namibia is one of the only regions in Africa where both species are found.
  • Photograph the dunes of the Namib Desert, a surrealistic landscape of massive ochre-hued dunes canopied by indigo skies.
  • Meet the Himba people, one of the last remaining nomadic tribes in Africa.
  • View the amazing rock art of Twyfelfontein. This World Heritage Site is considered to hold the largest and finest collection of petroglyphs in Africa.
  • Search for over 340 species of birds, from huge concentrations of flamingos and gannets, to rare desert-adapted endemics such as dune larks, Rueppell’s bustards, and Damara rockjumpers.

The logistics were faultless and the accommodations were wonderful and unique—Ultimate Namibia was a wonderful experience! 

Sheila B.

Expedition Team

  • Lawrence Weitz
    Expedition Staff

    Lawrence Weitz

Trip Preparation: Gear Up!

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