Wild Caribbean with the Grenadines

December 4, 2016
14 Days
Small-Ship Cruise
56 Guests
From $13,980

Additional Departure: November 25, 2018

Wild Caribbean with the Grenadines

Expedition Highlights

  • Explore the lesser-known island gems of the eastern Caribbean on an itinerary exclusively designed to take travelers far from the standard cruise ship routes.
  • Discover several of the idyllic islands that comprise the little-explored Grenadines, an island chain buried deep within the Caribbean Sea.
  • Seek out a variety of endemic bird species including the St. Vincent parrot and purple-throated carib.
  • Snorkel nearly every day to discover dazzling coral reefs and healthy populations of tropical fish.
  • Learn from local experts and onboard lecturers about the fascinating history of the islands we visit and their struggle for independence from Europe.

From overseas territories of France, Britain, and the Netherlands, to fully independent nations, we will discover the history of the archipelago as it is told by each island’s current politics and affiliation. And, I'm very much looking forward to hiking through lush forest-covered Dominica and exploring the dry scrub habitats of Sint Eustatius. This will be a wonderful trip!

Rich Pagen

Expedition Team

  • Jeff Gneiser
    Expedition Leader

    Jeff Gneiser

  • Cynthia Gneiser
    Cruise Director

    Cynthia Gneiser

  • Deborah Bundy
    Expedition Staff

    Deborah Bundy

  • Richard Fagen
    Expedition Staff

    Richard Fagen

  • Jack Grove
    Cofounder / Marine Biologist

    Jack Grove

  • Rich Pagen
    Conservation Biologist / Naturalist

    Rich Pagen

Trip Preparation: Gear Up!

  • Water & Trail Shoe
Water & Trail Shoe

Far from the standard cruise ship routes in the Caribbean, you’ll be snorkeling, diving, and seeking the Grenadines’ endemic bird species tourists rarely see. Keep comfortable in your rugged water and trail shoes, made for shore and sea explorations with their quick-drying upper, super sticky, and grippy outsole and removable foam insole for cushiony support.

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