Wild Colombia

Squirrel Monkeys, Wild Colombia
March 5, 2018
14 Days
Overland Adventure
13 Guests
From $8,980

Additional Departure: September 16, 2019

Long-tailed Sylph, Colombia

Expedition Highlights

  • Look for over 300 species of birds found in Manizales, Colombia’s mountainous coffee-growing region.
  • Explore Lake Tarapoto and its surrounding forest to search for primates, birds, and pink and gray river dolphins.  
  • Search for Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta’s astonishing 21 endemic species, including Santa Marta bush-tyrant, Santa Marta parakeet, Santa Marta sabrewing, and black-cheeked mountain-tanager.    
  • Explore charming Cartagena to discover elegant colonial architecture, white-sand beaches, world-class cuisine, and a vibrant night-life.
  • View the artifacts of ancient pre-Hispanic cultures at Bogotá’s exquisite Gold Museum.   

Expedition Team

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