Wild Guyana

Victoria Amazonica Water Lilies, Wild Guyana
October 5, 2018
10 Days
Overland Adventure
11 Guests
From $8,980

Additional Departure: October 30, 2019

Cock-of-the-rock, Guyana

Expedition Highlights

  • Search Guyana’s rainforest, rivers, and savanna for rare and endangered species, such as giant anteaters, black caiman, harpy eagles, giant river otters, and the elusive jaguar. 
  • Enjoy spectacular birding throughout your journey with over 600 recorded species in the Karanambu alone.  
  • Witness the awesome power of Kaieteur Falls, the world’s highest single-drop waterfall.
  • Stay in remote wilderness areas, including the Surama Eco-Lodge, an inspiring eco-tourism project that is owned and operated by the indigenous Macushi tribe. 
  • Tour Georgetown, Guyana’s charming capital city. 

Expedition Team

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